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Brina Breezy
Born in the rhythmic heart of Austin, Sabrina Leaks, fondly known as Brina Breezy, is a tour de force in the world of radio and journalism. Her first electrifying taste of the airwaves came in the 90s, when her voice echoed through the speakers of 104.3 The Beat, an experience that sowed the seeds of a lifelong passion. Guided by the legendary footsteps of her godfather, Johnny D. Hanson of KAZI 88.7 and KUTX 98.9, and her cousin, Curtis Cole, a renowned DJ in Houston, Sabrina's destiny was set amidst musical maestros.

A proud alumna of Texas State University, with a specialization in Social Science and Journalism/Mass Communication, she juggled the academic rigors while making waves as an intern at Emmis Austin Radio and crafting innovative ideas for KTSW Campus Radio. Post-graduation, Sabrina's love affair with radio only deepened. Not one to be boxed into a single endeavor, she's explored realms from herbalism to entrepreneurship with C&S Naturals LLC, but her heartstrings always pull her back to the microphone.

Recently, Sabrina was instrumental in launching Da Bizz Radio, hosting dynamic segments that resonate with listeners. With an unmatched energy, she now graces the sets of KERB Radio every Tuesday morning and Saturday night, curating an eclectic mix of Afrobeats, Reggae, as well as introducing latest hits and trending topics. With an ethos centered around positivity, Sabrina, with her 'Breezy' touch, is redefining radio, one beat at a time.