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Based in Houston, TX, but broadcasting across the globe, Kutting Edge Radio Broadcasting was born from the idea that music and the personalities that share it, should be uncompromising. Six DJ's and On-Air Personalities grew tired of the norm and joined together to create the most diverse internet radio station on the globe, giving listeners over fourteen genres and countless sub-genres of music, live broadcasts and DJ mixes, talk radio, variety shows, and even comedy. No other radio station on the planet, AM. FM, or Internet, offers the experience that KERB does. With such a diverse line-up, there is sure to be something on KERB that will appeal to your unique taste. 


KERB and it's staff believe in not only bringing the hottest music across genres, but also in serving the community than many grew up in. We seek to join with non-profit organizations across the greater Houston area to assist where help is needed. Whether it's through donations, organizing drives or hands-on community service, KERB is placing itself in the forefront of community leadership.

If you are an organizer of a charitable organization or event, please reach out to Michele Lee Evans to see how KERB can help your event be a success, or if you need hands-on assistance.​ If you are an online charitable organization that only accepts online donations, reach out to us to find out about teaming up with KERB to help get you the donations you need, 


Meet our Management Team below:



Mileeva the Diva

Mz Fee, The First Lady

DJ Q Diamond Phillips

JeFawn Evans