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Shri Amor
Sheri Amor evolved from her name Sheri and it started with a tattoo on her neck, always thought love is more than hate. Infinite love for people and a genuine desire to see the good in everyone. Wants to see the world to be a better place for each person that she comes across, whether it be in person or through the air waves. An adventurous life coach of sorts and real-life Hippie that believes that growth and evolution of all life experiences bring us from torment or tragedy and brings us through to triumph and everything is figureoutable.
Her show Get in Between with Sheri Amor, for everyone that is stuck whether it be Christianity and Spirituality, Life Messenger to bring a good word of guidance through her life experiences good and bad. Bringing new meaning to the words in between. We all have been in a place where we didn’t know where our next step or move was going to be. Join me and let me be your guide to this World which we call life and learn and grow and as we dive in between.
Her experience. A mom of three with a lucrative career who stood on principal and built her life accordingly. Instilling in her children pure and honest love and nurturing without candy coating the real world and what is out there. Has a Can-Do spirit with a passion for Life and Love and everything in between.
What you’ll get from her show is real life applications and strategies to help maneuver and grow through every aspect of life. Learn how to ground yourself and figure out who you truly are in this realm.
Now Let’s Get in Between with your girl Sheri Amor every Monday 6pm-7pm.