Welcome to Kutting Edge Radio Broadcasting. KERB-DB Houston. The Most Diverse Internet Radio Station on the Globe!
Funny story…So booboojonson got into the broadcasting and internet radio industry quite by accident. What began in late 2016 as a simple effort to support a friend by sharing and tuning into a live broadcast on Facebook, developed into so much more. Known as “booboo” to those she met in the DJ biz, she quickly made friends and networked to somehow, unknowingly, weasel her way into every show on that station (insert evil laugh here) and it all started with an invitation to come hang at the studio.

After several weeks of visiting the different shows in the lineup, booboo, being on the techie side, began helping out with camera, desktop, and interaction with the audience in the live chat. Eventually, the honing of these multitasking skills, and being an all-around badass, got her a spot as the righthand man to the station owner, plus a set of keys to the kingdom. Booboo dedicated lots of time to her newfound hobby which she thoroughly enjoyed. Meeting new people and helping out, was a lot of fun and working with talented local and national artists, was a super perk that just came along with the territory. And tacos! Lots and lots of tacos!

By 2017, DJ Tommy Cruz had been introduced to the station and was brought onboard as a Sunday staple with his long-standing broadcast, four years running via other platforms. Tommy and his cohosts were in awe as they were astounded more and more each week by booboo’s abilities! She worked closest with Tommy’s show demonstrating her bawdy prowess, and the other stuff too, which gained her recognition from the Houston based, Support Local Music, (SLM) organization where she was nominated and voted Best Engineer 2018, for her work with the station and on The DJ Tom Cruz Radio Program.

Four more years have passed and other shows have come and gone but one thing has remained the same and that’s The DJ Tom Cruz Radio Program - The Fusion of Entertainment and Enlightenment!
When she’s not on the show captivating people with her wit and wisdom, booboojonson, likes to nap, shop and hang with friends and family. Also an avid Mustang and car enthusiast she enjoys driving, race stuff, concerts, comedy shows and keeping peoples’ phobias as pets.

This broadcaster is not presenting at any time