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Jessica Viser
Who is “JessTalks”. Jessica Viser owner of Impressive Results by Jess, LLC wanted to promoter her products and business on multiple platforms. She wanted to start a YouTube channel but was scared it would not do well. Then realized there’s only one way to find out. So, she went for it! Posting all events sharing them on her other platforms and gaining more subscribers without the assistances of outside promoters. One day Jess was driving and had a rough day then decided to go live on YouTube venting about how she never went on a trip for herself to just unwind. This is when “JessTalks” was officially a thing. The feedback given was amazing with subscribers explaining how relatable her talks were to their everyday life.

She continues sharing with everyone all the wonderful ways her Hair & Skin products can assist them on their Hair & Skin Journey. The All-Natural products made by Jess can be found at

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